C a r e M o v e s  is a research project focused on movements in senior home care. It is led by Peter A. Lutz, PhD Research Fellow at the IT University of Copenhagen. It is based on ethnographic fieldwork in the United States and Sweden, two countries that face the demographic challenge of an aging population. Movement helps center a number of important challenges and emerging tensions in senior home care. These include moving from home into a care facility, everyday mobility – e.g. getting from A to B – as well as the timing, spacing and acting of home care delivery. Movement is often understood in literal terms. However it also involves figurative dimensions such as the link between movement and independence, care as emotional movement and the sense of social connection engendered with IT devices. In this project movement is positioned as an ontological heuristic to empirically explore how frictions surface in the field of senior home care. This includes how tensions are entangled with movements situated by home care trajectories (the sites, actors, plans and actions). One practical ambition is to contribute scientific knowledge that informs IT design and policy interventions aimed at alleviating frictions in care. It also aims to construct novel theoretical intersections between anthropology, science & technology studies (STS), human-computer interaction (HCI), design and care science.

Keywords include: actor-network theory (ANT), senior home care, anthropology (medical, relational, sociocultural, visual), design, ecology, eHealth, ethnography, friction, information technology (IT), material-semiotics, movement, science and technology studies (STS), socially-appropriate technologies.

C a r e M o v e s  is generously funded with a doctoral fellowship in the Technologies in Practice (TiP) faculty group at the IT University of Copenhagen and additional support from the EU Marie Curie Actions European Reintegration Grant (ERG).

C a r e M o v e s  stems partly from an earlier research project funded by the EU Marie Curie Actions Host Fellowships for the Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) and hosted by Philips Research Europe entitled Social Intelligence For Tele-Healthcare (SIFT).

Please check Peter Lutz’ personal website for more information.

C a r e M o v e s in the media:

      • 25 April 2012 “Derfor har ældre så meget rod” [Why elderly have so many things] Danish Radio P1 – Orientering (webpage / mp3)
      • 24 April 2012 “Ældre bevæger sig – det skal deres pleje også” [The elderly move – their care must too] Danish Radio P1 –Orientering (webpage / mp3)


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